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Helen Avers

This was a killer workout! Rope climbs were tough, but I am happy I got up the rope. Had to do 3 rope climbs over since I didn't get all the way up, that was brutal. Did the workout in 16:43 and went rx.

Les Porter

10:17 rx'd..I tore this pne OUT THE FRAME!!! Real happy with this only broke on round of 40 (20/20) and it was just a couple breaths and then hit it again..squated to 12" box with 15lb plate on it..so below made sure every squat was below parallel..yaaaaaaa baby!!!!

Oliver Smith

OOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! This was a tough one. The squats were way harder than I thought they would be, they lit my legs up. On the squats I went 35/15, 20/20, 20/10, 20, 10. Rope climbs not bad, I didnt even use my feet in the last two rounds. I finished in 13:20 rx'd

Erin Carr

I loved todays wod.. Modified rope climbs and 35lb bar for back squats. Finished 13:55. I guess that means next time I add weight.

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