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Oliver Smith

I missed Grace on Saturday, so I did that today...went 3:30 rx'd. Then I did some heavy front squats, I went 5x3...165, 185, 205, 225, 245PR. I was happy to be able to get 3 reps at 245. gettin stronger, gotta improve my back squat...will keep working on it!

Dan O'Donnell

press 160 x 2. 165 f


Workout today was awesome. I went rx'd on the workout all the way which I was really happy about. I slacked a little bit on the L pullups. It gets really hard to get arms fully extended when coming down AND keeping your legs out straight. Overall happy though. Time was 11:29.

Erin Carr

Bleh, I am like a t-rex with little arms and zero strength. It's a good thing that I have such a strong support team. I obviously need to work on, well, everything, so see you Wednesday.

Melissa Porter

Finished in 9:46, red banded kipping pullups and 95 lb deadlifts. I was happy with this. Had to do 2 pullups at a time on the red band. Deadlifts unbroken except for last round.

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