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Les Porter

Rx'd 24:34---Yummmmeeee!! The Thrusters were rough...first round 800m in 3:10, thrusters and pullups unbroken, completed round in 7:00..then it got interesting 2nd rnd run was 4:05, thrusters 35/15, pullups 7/4/4, 3rd rnd run 4:57, thrusters 25/15/10, pullups 6/5/4..happy with the effort dont think could have gone any faster

Jessica Carillon

This workout was CRAZY! I'm glad I made it through...32:45 rx'd


This workout was brutal! The runs were kinda on my side like usual, but the thrusters were just torture. Had no rhyme or rhythm to them, just kept pushing the best I could. Same with the pullups. I ended up knockin those out 5 at a time towards the end. I got done in 29:48.

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