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Helen Avers

Did the sumo lifts at 65, form got sloppy towards the end, but I was glad to get through them. Used red band for chest 2 bar and dips. Time was 21:01

Jessica Carillon

17:49...rx'd on sumos and did jumping muscle ups (first time I made them).

Amber Holland

Did Fight Gone Bad. It was bad but yet oh so good! On another note I climbed the rope tonight!!! That was super exciting. Looking forward to getting better each day.

les porter

Rxxxxxdddd!! Damn first set of mups that little voice of doubt/fear started whisperin in my ear...I snuffed that voice out and banged 35 mups out without a miss..sumos were ok broke 11/10 last set went unbroken..pleased with effort!

Melissa Porter

Finished in 21:25. Did green banded dips, blue banded pull ups (chest to bar), and 55 lb sumos. Not eating right for the past 2 weeks definitely affected my performance. Back on track!

Les Porter

That is a cool milestone Amber, congratulations! Pullups here we come!!

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