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Les Porter

Did 5x3 Front squat first...Tried to mash Oliver's #s but couldnt do it..U r getting strong dude..245,250,255 f3rep, 255-1/245-2, tried to not give any ground on my set up in the last set 245-1/235-2 the weight won...then did today's Wod rx'd 11:34 squat cleaned the first rep on the first 4 rounds, then pwr cleaned it and went into fr squat, chest 2 bar needs work broke on the 2nd round on..good morning!

Jessica Carillon

This workout kicked my butt...well actually my legs and arms! 16:44- 4 rounds @ 85lbs & 3 rounds @ 75lbs.


Good workout. Those front squats are a BEAST! I tried 165 which was the rx weight before I started and it felt pretty ehavy for me so I scaled down to 145 for the WOD. I got the first two rounds unbroken on the fr squats then split them up 4-3. The chest to bars were actually easier for me than I thought, I just had trouble chaining them together really quickly. Happy with this workout. I finished in 10:58.

Dan O'Donnell

Front sqt 135 and still very difficult. Had to break on second round. c2b not too bad. Done unbroken. 11:24

Helen Avers

front squat 75, getting it up from the ground is what I need to work on. Chest to bar ate me up, had to break alot. Did it in 13:02

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