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Jessica Carillon

Nice way o start the week...7:19.

Jessica Carillon

Finished class #2 and still walking...6:17


Great morning workout for me. I went rx'd at 8:13. Pretty happy about that. I went unbroken on all the wall balls. Toes to bars kicked my butt. Gotta work on keepin them strung together! That's what really slowed me down.

Jessica Carillon


Les Porter

Great job morning crew..way to work!

Les Porter

Morning WOD..5x3 squat cleans- focus is trying to catch low in good squat position, high elbows on catch..both of those are predicated by speed under bar...when i jumped and got everything out of the hip bar moved well, as got heavier started to pull early and had trouble getting into nice position....195,205 (stance was a little wider but acceptable),215 failed on first got the next two - PR (stance was wider/turned into power clean but stance was much better, 220 (this was a heat check, missed first rep/decided not to be greedy and take my PR and get out), 185, 185...Also made sure midline was locked before each pull and this made a difference..Happy with this effort, will hit Wall Ball Wod later today!!

Les Porter

rx'd 5:58..needed more wallballs and less Toes 2 Bars...did 1st round of t2b touch and go, 2nd round 1st six touch and go then stayed on bar and kipped the last six, 3rd all kipping 9/3, 4th all kipping 6/6, 5th kipping 3/3/3/2/1...grip went

Oliver Smith

Tough WOD. I was hoping to go sub 7. Started out really well finished the first round in about 40 seconds, flew through the first 3 rounds. Round 4 T2B were really tough, hard to get my feet up high enough. Went unbroken on wall balls throughout...finished 7:34

Erin Carr

Great way to start the week. Did tucks instead of T2B and used the 10lb wall ball. Still motivated and thankful for such supportive people to work out with.

Erin Carr

oh yeah completed at 8.05

Melissa Porter

Finished in 7:49. Used 14 lb wall ball. Did knees to chest. Was able to do a few toes to bar during warm up. Excited about that. Will work on them for next time.

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