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Les Porter

Morning Wod..trying to work on explosiveness but feeling a little flat..5x3 clean/push jerk...175,180,185,190f all three, thought i could split 190 and get it-not this morning

Will do elizabeth later today. Would love to go sub 9!!


This was my 2nd time doing Elizabeth. First time I did it I got done around 12:30. This time I managed to get done in 9 minutes even, so I definitely made a measurable improvement there. Kinda nice. Shows me that I am getting a little stronger and a little faster than last time I did it. Great workout. I kipped most of the ring dips which helped me out a lot!

Melissa Porter

Finished in 15:47, 58 lbs, green banded ring dips. This was a tough one. Didn't know if I would make it through. Happy I was able to finish.

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