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Dan O'Donnell

split snatch = shoulder saver. Improved PR from 135 five weeks ago to 155 today just by using this technique.

Jessica Carillon

Went 3 rounds + 30 double unders (rx'd). Great workout!

les porter

Split snatch...125,135,145 (little press out on right side),145, 155f, 155f,150f,115

Metcon ..rxd. 6 rnds + 30 dunders. =300 reps...this was the 1st wkout of the crosfit open last year..last year my score was 233..so in 10 months I improved 30%..so I'm fitter/younger at 41 than 40!!

Oliver Smith

Max split snatch...I went 125, 135, 145, 150, 155PR, 160f, 160f. The Metcon was awful, my shoulders were exhaused and when you're tired it is a whole new ball game. I went 5 rnds + 13 parallette jumps. This was a really good WOD


This was a good chance for me to work on my snatches since it's a movement I haven't had much practice in. I did the amrap rx'd. Went 4 rounds + 15 double unders. Pretty happy about that. Wanna work on getting more of the snatches in quicker and unbroken. I also maxed my split snatch out at 130. Happy with that number since last time I was only snatchin like 120 or so. Good WOD today!

Melissa Porter

Snatched 45 lbs. & did parallette jumps in place of dunders. Finished 3 rnds, 30 jumps, 8 snatches

Erin Carr

First time with snatches, whew, tough but good. Did just shy of 4 rounds with 33lb bar and 30 parallette jumps in place of dunders.

Matt Marquardt

almost 4 rounds (4 snatches shy of 4). No double unders. Did jumps instead. Did 10 lbs under the Rx weight on snatches.

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