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Dan O'Donnell

I do not hold to the premise of capital punishment. However, I feel strongly that anyone, rightly convicted of intentionally harming another person in any way should be sentenced to doing 50 squat cleans every day for the rest of their life.


Les Porter

We dont want that law..cause I would just be pimp slampin everyone for that priveledge..

rx'd 9:50..touch-n-go on squat cleans 11,5,5 1st rnd..touch-n-go 5,2,3,2, dropped last 2..2nd, dropped all on 3rd...ring dips were better...7,7,7 but immediately jumped on no rest from squat clean, 2nd 8,7 a little rest maybe 5 seconds, 3rd 5,2,2 jumped right on..happy with this time!!!!!

Oliver Smith

"Elizabeth" is an animal. The squat cleans got tough mid way through the first set. Ring dips were tough throughout, I never got more than 8 consecutive. Moved at a pretty good pace though...I went rx'd 14:00...pretty happy about that!

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