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Les Porter

Yippee kiyaaa Muther..no matter how many times do tabata always suprising how hard it gets 4/5 rounds in..rx'd total score =49

Hand release on pushups probably costs us a couple reps but its cleaner movement so worth it...Great work Saturday crew and loved seeing some new faces!!


First time doing tabata. Simple movements but it gets brutal! Good workout though. I scored 41.

les porter

2nd wod heavy fr squat 5x5

Amber Holland

Really liked this one. It was extremely hard but very measurable which I enjoyed. Found myself trying to find a point that I could sustain and go from there. Yep Les, still trying to beat the system ;). Did the same calorie count on the rower for all 8 sets. 4 calories. Total of 37. Did pull ups with black band and push ups on my knees. Still working to get stronger and loving it!

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