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Dave Turner

29:23...155 OHS, 135 Thruster, 185 Power Clean, Burpee Pull-ups, Dips.

Ryan L Alexander

27:59 45# OHS, 95# Thruster, 135# Power Cleans.


19:03 with 75# OHS, 85# Thrusters, 105# Power cleans, Burpee/pullup-dips. Kinda wish I went heavier on the OHS. Did them all unbroken, as well as the T2B sets.

Jessica Carillon

26:21rx'd on everything but power cleans (did them at 125lbs). On the OH squat: set 1 went unbroken-set 2 went 4+6. On the box jumps: unbroken-both sets. Thrusters: set 1 went 3+3+4-set 2 went 4+6. Cleans: both sets I went in singles. Toes to bar: both sets unbroken. Burpee muscle ups: all singles and only missed 1.

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