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Les Porter

Wow..this was a really tough wod..only did first 3 rounds rx'd..then scaled weight to 175#-rnds 4-6 w/ 34.5 box, then 165# rnds 7-9 w same box...did heavy workout last night so not bad recovery from that workout

Ryan L Alexander

39:18...95# squat clean. 28" burpee box jumps

Jessica Carillon

44:10...Squat cleans: 115lbs squat clean for 1st three then 105 for 6 rounds and 95 for last three rounds. Rx'd burpee box jumps and went unbroken. I had to do the squat cleans one at a time with at least a 30 second wait in between each. This workout kicked my butt!!!

Dave Turner

50:29?...RX Squat Cleans, 31" Box. My goal was to get all the squat cleans. I am beat up!

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