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Jessica Carillon

38:38 rx'd.
400m run: 1st one was 1:52. All the rest were around the same pace or a little slower.

Back squats: (R1) no re-racking but rested in stand, (R2&R3) 15+14, (R4-R7) 10+10+9 with no more than 30 sec rest between sets.

Dave Turner

34:53 RX...Chasing Les the whole time!

Les Porter

Dave you did good...I couldnt shake you..34:15 went unbroken on first 2 rounds, 15/14 on next 2, 12,10,7 on 5th and 6th, 10/10/9 on last..the runs were pure suffering my low back was super tight from stabilizing on squats

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