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Jenny B.

Do you mean the Saturday of each week? (not month) So first log is due on 8/4?


Yes, you are correct Jenny! August 4th would be the first log turn in date.

Barbara White

I'm a little confusesd about the log?? We write in what we ate correct? And the second page that says Feel/Play/WOD what exactly do we do on that part?

Ivan and I will be on vacation the 4th-8th I will turn in my log Friday and wont be able to get the feedback until at least the 10th. :(


Hi Barbara - on your instruction sheet, I discuss 4 things you need to add to your log in addition to EVERY food/drink you consume. The first is how much sleep you get a night (which is at the top of each day), the second is how are you feeling (mentally/physically), third is did you get outside at all that day and forth, did you work out? Also, you are making me think I should have saved the log as a PDF, so I am going to do that tomorrow so it's only one page to print out. If I see anything of concern, I can email you some feedback.

Barbara White

Okay. I think I got it. Did you already re-create the other log? If not I can just copy it to one page. :).


No I haven't - let me know if you need me to. I can probably get it done for the next week's log. :)

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